Natural Resource Development

Energy independence is key to our country’s security and Alaska holds the resources to make this possible. I support the responsible development and utilization of all Alaska’s natural resources, and the provision of employment opportunities and training for Alaskans in all phases of project development. Optimum natural resource development policies are those that balance development and conservation interests.

Healthy Alaskans

As a health care provider, I understand Alaska has the most expensive healthcare in the nation and urgently needs health care cost reform. The high costs are unsustainable for Alaskans, and for our state budget. Reforms must promote price transparency, allow for competition, and improve the efficiency and accessibility of health care for hardworking families.

Dept. of Health & Social Services

I support the reorganization of our state’s unwieldly Department of Health and Social Services into two smaller, more focused, and efficient departments to improve health, family, and community services outcomes for all Alaskans.

Parent Driven Education

Parents have the primary authority and responsibility for the education of their children. To this end Alaskan families need a robust public education system that prepares all children to be good citizens and workforce ready. We need state policies and regulations that promote school choice, charter schools, and education compacts with our Tribal governments.

Safe kids, families & communities

We want to live in a state in which our children and families can flourish, where public safety is regarded as a basic human right and we work collaboratively to provide best possible supports and solutions to populations struggling with homelessness, substance abuse and behavioral health disorders.

State Transportation System

Alaska’s airports, roads, bridges, and marine highways provide critical connections throughout this vast state that keep our schools open, businesses prosperous, and communities connected. The safety of our transportation system requires significant maintenance and upkeep. Recent federal infrastructure funding should be expedited into projects and jobs that ensure the safety of our traveling public.

Balanced Budget

I have consistently fought for and supported balanced budgets that do not overdraw the Permanent Fund to pay for state services and dividends. During my time in office the Permanent Fund grew more than 60% in total market value and today is Alaska’s primary revenue source to pay for state services Alaskans depend on. I do not support raising taxes on hardworking families in order to pay out unsustainable dividends.

PFD in Alaska’s Constitution

I have concerns about placing the permanent fund dividend in our state constitution. I do not believe this benefit in state statute should preclude the legislature’s duty to balance the budget, or be elevated to the natural rights of conscience, thought, and expression now protected in our constitution.